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Tower Patio Heater

(Estimated Ship Date: May. 22nd)
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$999.99 (MSRP)
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Lifetime Warranty

Experience indoor comforts in your outdoor spaces with the smokeless, pellet-fueled warmth of Tower Patio Heater.

What's Included

Tower Patio Heater

  • Height: 80.5”
  • Depth: 23.3”
  • Base Width: 19.8”
  • Burn Chamber Width: 16.2”
  • Hopper Volume: 16 Liters
  • Weight: 104 pounds


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Lifetime Warranty

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Enjoy Your Modern Outdoor Experience

Extend Indoor Comfort to Outdoor Spaces

Pellet Fueled

Fueled by standard wood pellets, Tower boasts over 72,000 BTUs of heat while producing virtually no smoke and minimal ash.

Gravity-fed Hopper

With a 25lb capacity, Tower’s gravity-fed pellet hopper automatically feeds the right amount of pellets into the burn chamber for up to 3 hours of hands-off, outdoor enjoyment. Want to call it a night? The hopper’s shutoff handle stops the flow of pellets when the party's over.

Heat from head to toe

Don’t let the cold keep you indoors. Tower allows you to extend patio season by producing warmth that can be felt from head to toe, with a radius of up to 10 feet.

Durable Construction

Fortified with cold-rolled steel and 304 stainless steel, Tower is built to last. With a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, you can rest assured that Tower will provide warmth for seasons to come.

Easy Mobility

Using the handles on the hopper, give Tower a slight tilt to wheel it to the perfect location in your space.

Uniquely Yours

A high-heat patina etches your first burn into memory and onto your patio heater. The striking change from a gold hue to blue uniquely marks your individual experience with Tower. No one will have a patio heater quite like yours. Learn More

Tower FAQs

Tower is exclusively fueled by wood pellets.

Tower does not run on electricity. It is a standalone patio heater that produces heat by burning wood pellets.

Pellets can also be found at a variety of retail locations including your local hardware store.

Tower is compatible with virtually all commercially available pellets; both hardwood and softwood.

Tower has an approximate 10-foot (up to 314 sq ft) heat radius.

A full hopper of pellets will burn for approximately 3 hours. However, several factors can affect actual burn time, like pellet type, ambient temperature, and wind exposure.

Like Solo Stove Fire Pits, Tower’s stainless steel portions will patina to a myriad of colors including blue, green, and bronze.

The powder-coated steel portions of Tower will need to cure during the first burn. This will change the color slightly from black to charcoal grey. During the first burn, you can expect odors to be present while the paint cures.

Tower is designed to burn at high temperatures to produce a smokeless experience. There may be some smoke present at the beginning of each burn, but that will subside as the fire reaches hotter temperatures.

Please use caution when using Tower on any surface, especially combustible surfaces. Don’t leave Tower unattended at any time and follow proper operating instructions.

Tower is only safe to move before lighting or after it has fully cooled down.

Tower is not safe to touch while it is burning. If you need to add more pellets to the hopper during use, wear heat-resistant gloves when touching the hopper lid.

We do not recommend leaving Tower uncovered, outside when it’s not being used. To keep your patio heater working properly, remove pellets from the hopper and cover it with Solo Stove Patio Heater Shelter between uses.