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Accessory Gear Kit

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$74.99 (MSRP)
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Lifetime Warranty

Stay ready for anything with Accessory Gear Kit. When you’re out adventuring with your Titan or Lite, the last thing you want to worry about is not having fuel. Accessory Gear Kit comes with everything you’ll need to ignite, maintain, and put out your flame.

What's Included


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Lifetime Warranty

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Ready To Fuel

Accessory Gear Kit comes with Alcohol Burner, Fire Striker, and Tinder-on-a-rope; the perfect trifecta for kindling alternatives. Start, kindle, and maintain your fire with all three components in Accessory Gear Kit.

Easy to use

Each item in Accessory Gear Kit is made so anybody can use them. No matter what the purpose, this kit allows for a flame to be ignited within seconds.


With Accessory Gear Kit, your camp stoves and pots can be repurposed for whatever you need. From a piping hot boil to a simple simmer, this add-on makes all of your needs possible.

Gear Kits FAQs

Accessory Gear Kit works best with Solo Stove Titan and Lite

Although a pot isn’t necessary to utilize Accessory Gear Kit, it is a necessary component for efficient outdoor cooking.