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Premium Wood Fuel Pellets

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Enjoy a traditional wood-burning campfire without smelling like one. Eco-friendly Solo Stove Premium Wood Fuel Pellets produce low smoke and very little ash for a more enjoyable high-heat burn.

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Premium Wood Fuel Pellets

  • Wood Type: 100% Hardwood Blend
  • Weight: 10 Lbs.
  • Bag Size: 12” x 17.5” + 3.25” (gusset)
  • Heat Output: 8,100 - 8,300 BTU/lb
  • Moisture Content: <5%
  • Ash Content: <0.6%


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High Heat

Our Premium Wood Fuel Pellets provide the warmest ambiance, no matter which product you choose to burn them in. These hardwood pellets burn over 8,000 BTUs in Mesa and 72,000 BTUs in Tower! With a hotter, more efficient burn, your pellet supply will sustain your memories for hours.

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Clean Burning

With no additives and very low moisture content, Pellets are 100% safe to roast a perfectly golden brown marshmallow over. Less moisture means very little smoke, and the most enjoyable experience around your fire. Creating less than one percent ash, cleaning up can be done in only a few seconds.

Premium Wood Pellet Stills 3


Solo Stove Pellets are made from 100% natural, recycled, renewable sawmill residue. With 100% recyclable packaging, you can enjoy your time spent fireside with peace of mind.

Premium Wood Fuel Pellets FAQs

Solo Stove Premium Wood Pellets are made from a blend of renewable hardwood sawmill residue. They are 100% natural and recycled woods.

8,100 - 8,300 BTU/lb

Once you have a rolling flame, you will likely need to add small amounts of pellets to your Mesa about every 5-8 minutes. Using this methodology, these pellets will burn through approximately 1lb/hr.

Once the initial flame has begun to subside, you should add approximately ¼ cup of pellets every 5-8 minutes.

When adding pellets to your Mesa, be sure to add amounts that won’t smother the fire (typically around ¼ cup). If too many pellets are added at once, this could cause the fire to cool drastically which will cause it to smoke.

Solo Stove Pellets should be resealed and stored in a cool, dry place. Pellets should be kept away from moisture.

When lighting Mesa, first place a fire starter below the pellet adapter (in the raised portion), then replace the adapter and light the fire starter through the grate. Add pellets until they cover the top of the pellet adapter.

They are made in the USA from 100% locally-sourced natural biomass.

Solo Stove Pellets have an ash rating of less than 1%. (0.3-0.6%) which means they burn extremely efficiently and will produce less than 1% ash by weight.

Approximately 1.6oz of ash per 10lb of pellets.

Yes. Because they are made from 100% hardwoods with no additives, Solo Stove Premium Wood Pellets are safe to use for all of your roasting needs.