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Pi Wood On-White

Mini Oak Firewood

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Fire up your night with the perfectly sized companion. Mini Oak Firewood is cut to size (5"x1.5") and ready to fuel your Mesa, Pi Pizza Oven, and Fire Pit Cooking System. Kiln-dried to perfection and sustainably sourced, Mini Oak Firewood burns ultra hot, so you’ll spend less time tending the fire and more time creating lasting memories.

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Dimensions & Materials

Mini Oak Firewood

  • Wood Size: 1-1.5" x 4-5"
  • Quantity: Approximately 1296 cu in
  • Weights will vary


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Cut To Size

Measuring in at approximately 5” (12.7cm), Mini Oak Firewood is cut to size to give you the perfect flame for your Mesa, Pi, Fire Pit Cooking System, and more. Even more, it’s an ultra-dense hardwood that’s efficient, high-heat, and produces a low-smoke burn.


Safe for Cooking

Mini Oak Firewood fuels the ideal night spent in your outdoor kitchen. Enjoy a long-lasting flame maintained at over 800° F with fuel curated for quick ignition and a savory wood-fired flavor. With 0 additives or chemicals, Mini Oak Firewood is choice for optimal cooking over an ultra hot ember bed.

Mini Oak Firewood Still

Sustainable and Kiln-Dried

Mini Oak Firewood is responsibly sourced from North American forests. After each piece is cut down to size, it’s heat-treated for 75 minutes to fuel the perfect flame. This process leaves your wood with the lowest moisture content for a clean burn– shipped in a convenient, easy-to-store box.

Mini Oak Firewood FAQs

Mini Oak Firewood comes in varying sizes but will always fit in Pi’s fuel grate, Mesa, Solo Stove Grill, Fire Pit Cooking System, and your Camp Stove.

Individual pieces could range from 4.5”-5.5” x 1”-2”

We recommend starting with 4-5 pieces, then adding in two at a time to maintain your flame.

Consistently adding 2 pieces of wood every 10 minutes will fuel your fire for approximately 10 hours. 

Because of its size and low-moisture content, Mini Oak Firewood is versatile enough for kindling and cooking in virtually all Solo Stove Fire Pits and Camp Stoves. (excluding Lite Camp Stove)

Mini Oak Firewood should be stored in a cool, dry place where it will not be exposed to moisture.

While the timing of the burn varies with each experience, Mini Oak Firewood is oak and kiln-dried, so you’ll get a long-lasting burn that needs a minor amount of tending to during your pizza night.

Yes. You can expect a clean, earthy, wood-fired flavor.

Wood is kiln-dried to get a 20% moisture content or lower. When it’s too damp, it burns less, fizzles out quicker, and emits a pesky and smoky flame. Our kiln drying process involves heat-treating the wood at 175-degrees for 75 minutes to get your Mini Oak Firewood to that 20% or less moisture goal. Drier wood means quicker ignition and a longer, brighter burn.

Each package comes with approximately 1296 cu in of Mini Oak Firewood.

Please note: box weights will vary.

Because Mini Oak Firewood is kiln-dried to perfection, it will produce much less soot than other hardwoods.

How to clean Pi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbu5frynjtA

Our premium oak wood is sourced from North American Forests.

100% oak