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Fire Pit Surround

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$449.99 (MSRP)
You save $105.00
Select Size: Bonfire | Ranger
Lifetime Warranty

Protect wandering hands and wagging tails with Surround, a 360° protective barrier that provides peace of mind around your good moments.

Dimensions & Materials

Bonfire | Ranger Surround

  • Outer Diameter: 42 in.
  • Inner Diameter: 21.6 in.
  • Total Height: 20 in.
  • Tabletop Shelf Width: 7 in.
  • Weight: 46 lbs


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Lifetime Warranty

We warranty each and every Solo Stove product to be free of manufacturing defects, and we will replace with a new product, at our option, any genuine Solo Stove product sold by an authorized retailer that is deemed defective. Learn More.

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Enjoy Your Modern Outdoor Experience

Peace of mind, all around

Made of powder-coated steel and durable UV-resistant outdoor fabric, Surround transforms your fire pit into a cozy backyard centerpiece with a safe, stylish 360° protective barrier that protects your loved ones and your fire pit.

Perfectly Perforated

Surround’s airy tabletop design reduces heat absorption and allows cool air to flow freely around the fire pit. By minimizing heat transfer, Surround becomes a versatile surface for cold drinks and plated s’mores.

Lifetime Warranty

Backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty and constructed with durable powder-coated steel and UV-resistant fabric barriers, you can be sure that your Surround is weather resistant and built to last.

Multi-Surface Feet

Surround is made for the terrain of the outdoors. Whether you have grass, gravel, concrete, or a wooden deck, Surround’s adjustable feet are durable enough to withstand wear and safe enough for sensitive surfaces.

Easily Adaptable

Whether you own a Bonfire, Ranger, Yukon, or Canyon, Surround’s configurable support brackets ensure your fire pit is in the correct position for maximum enjoyment.

Surround FAQs

Surround’s frame, tabletop shelves, and bezel are constructed with a durable powder-coated steel. The fabric barriers are made from UV and fire resistant 600D polyester.

The powder-coated finish is very durable, but it can be scratched. To avoid damaging the surface do not drag items across the shelves.

Do not sit, stand, or lean on Surround. Excessive weight can cause damage to the tabletop shelves.

Surround’s table top is made with perforated steel that helps minimize the heat transfer from your fire pit to Surround. Perforations decrease the heat absorption of the metal, but do not eliminate it entirely. In certain conditions Surround shelves might be warm to the touch and the Surround bezel, located closer to the fire, will absorb more heat than the tabletop and could get hot.

Absolutely! Surround was meant to enhance the safety of your fire pit but also enable you to use the accessories you already have. Enjoy the Fire Pit Cooking System, Shield, and Roasting sticks whenever you’re sitting around the fire. If you use Deflector, only use the longer legs, and proceed with caution as it will raise the temperature of the tabletop surface on your Surround.

NOTE: The Fire Pit Stand should NOT be used with Surround.

Always ensure your fire pit is completely cool before cleaning Surround with warm soapy water. Make sure to dry it off immediately afterward.

Solo Stove Fire Pits can safely be used in Surround on a deck, but requires your attention and action. Surround will elevate your fire pit (Ranger 6.7", Bonfire, 5.5", Yukon 4.9", and Canyon 4.3") off of wooden/composite deck surfaces that will help minimize heat underneath the fire pit and help avoid charring or ignition.

Assembly takes approximately 20 minutes (it helps if you have a partner to assist).

Surround is available in 2 sizes: small and large. The small size will accommodate both Bonfire and Ranger fire pits, while the large size will accommodate both the Yukon and Canyon*.

*Canyon (Yukon 30”) fire pits are sold exclusively in retail locations.

While Surround’s powder-coated exterior is extremely durable and UV-resistant, you should keep it from sitting in standing water or being covered in snow/ice for prolonged periods. A Solo Stove Surround Shelter is suggested to protect the surfaces whenever Surround is not in use.

When attempting to remove your fire pit from the Surround, ensure that your fire pit is completely cool. Remove the Surround Bezel, then proceed to remove the fire pit. We recommend using 2 persons to remove your fire pit from Surround. Solo Stove Handle is a great tool for the job.

Canyon is our largest fire pit, sporting a 27.25” interior diameter, and is sold exclusively through select retail partners. Canyon was formerly named “Yukon 30”” but has been brought back under a new name. All Canyon accessories can be found here.