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Camp Stove Pellet Adapter

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The seamless, drop-in upgrade that unlocks the power of pellets for your outdoor cooking adventures.

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Effortless Install

The Solo Stove Camp Stove Pellet Adapter is designed for an easy drop-in install, fitting perfectly onto your camp stove’s grates. Switch from sticks and twigs to pellets in a matter of seconds, making your stove’s cooking experience even more convenient and enjoyable.

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Pellet Power Unleashed

Pellets are a breeze to ignite, acquire, and store. They deliver a consistent, smokeless, low-maintenance, and stoke-free burn, making them the perfect fuel for cooking*. Virtually spark and pop-free, pellets burn cleanly, offering a safe alternative for camp stove cooking.

*Make sure that your pellets are marked as food-safe before cooking with them.

Camp Stove Pellet Adapter FAQ

Yes, you can. Just make sure that you are using the pellet adapter any time you are using pellets.

The duration will depend on the size of the camp stove you are using:

Lite - 25 mins

Titan - 45 mins

Campfire - 60 mins

Before using pellets as fuel to cook over, be sure that they are labeled food-safe. Typically, hardwood pellets will be safe for cooking, while softwood pellets are not recommended to use for cooking.

Yes, you will! When using the pellet adapter in your camp stove you can expect to get a beautiful secondary burn within 5-10 minutes of lighting your starters (depending on how many starters you use.)

Pellet fires are more prone to being blown out from gusts of wind. This is rare but can occur. If this happens while your fire is lit, there will immediately be an intense cloud of smoke. If this happens to you, take a long-stem lighter, light it, then place it near the secondary burn holes near the top of your camp stove, and let the smoke ignite. This will clear out the smoke and reignite your fire quickly.

It’s important not to add too many pellets at a time, as this could suffocate your flame and cause your fire to smoke and be extinguished. Use a small scoop to add pellets, sprinkling them evenly across the opening of the camp stove.

Be sure to add pellets while there is still a secondary flame. Adding pellets after the fire has gotten too low will cause the newly added pellets to smoke and not light correctly.

You can burn virtually any type of wood pellet in your Solo Stove Camp Stove with Pellet Adapter. Each type of pellet will provide a different experience.

Heating pellets are designed to be used as fuel only, and should not be cooked over. They are typically made of softwoods and will burn at a slightly quicker pace.

Hardwood pellets (like Solo Stove’s Premium Wood Fuel Pellets) are a great option and will burn beautifully. If you want to roast s’mores or hot dogs, make sure that your hardwood pellets are food-safe.

Pellet grill smoking pellets can also be used to burn with the Pellet Adapter.

Softwood Pellets are typically made of a variety of softwoods such as pine and/or fir. These pellets can contain binders and additives, but can still be burned efficiently with the Pellet Adapter. These pellets should not be used for any cooking.