Warmth Made To Share: Meet Solo Stove Heat Deflector

Sep 15, 2022
By Carolyn Owen and Devin Osbourn

Solo Stove was founded with one, core purpose: to allow people to reconnect with what matters most, with the help of easy-to-use outdoor products. We’ve watched our community create lasting memories around the warmth of our fire pits, and we are honored to have played even a small part in the creation of those cozy moments.

Thanks to the feedback, suggestions, and enthusiasm of our community, the Solo Stove Team has been able to respond with the ongoing innovation of our product line. As a customer-first company, we will always consider your commentary as we develop new products. Today, the hottest accessory inspired-by-you hits the shelves.

Introducing: Solo Stove Heat Deflector

We believe your good moments should be magnified. Now, the signature warmth of a Solo Stove BonfireRanger, or Yukon is redirected for even more fireside warmth. Heat Deflector magnifies your fire pit’s heat radius to make room for extra company or outdoor comfort in every season.

Heat Deflector was designed with a core philosophy of simplicity and practicality– bringing you a way to extend your fire pit’s heat radius and invite even more friends to share your fire. Featuring head-to-toe warmth while seated, Heat Deflector lets you stay warm deep into cold weather months. Now, fire pit season is officially year-round.

Custom Designed

The phrase “know your angles” doesn’t just apply to models and photographers. It’s also an important part of what makes Heat Deflector the perfect tool to create even more fireside warmth. Traditional deflectors, that resemble flat lids with attached legs, trap pockets of hot air under them rather than sending it back out to those huddled around. 

Heat Deflector redirects heat out, and most importantly, down. As hot air rises and scatters, warmth is captured and sent to where you need it most. Thanks to an angled design, Heat Deflector catches every bit of heat normally lost to the cold air and sends it straight to your knees and toes using its center cone and deflection disc. 

Heat Deflector’s 304 stainless steel deflection disc is built to withstand your fire pit’s ultra-hot temperatures– so put another log on the fire and enjoy. Use Heat Deflector with included detachable legs designed to keep your deflector perfectly balanced over a full-fledged fire. It also delivers the same heat while perched on top of Solo Stove Hub. Both options feature ample room to keep your fire fed with extra logs. Feel free to use your Fire Pit Tools or Roasting Sticks, there’s plenty of space!

Solo Stove fire pits were designed to bring you hours of smoke-free fireside chats. During the design process, we needed to make sure we weren’t compromising our signature smokeless flames by placing something over a fire pit’s burn chamber. Seeing we had a challenge to overcome, we rolled up our sleeves to find a perfect solution. Enter: the perforated grate. 

Crafted for quality control of even the tallest flames, the perforated grate helps maintain a smokeless flame by allowing for a full orbit of airflow, from the bottom of your fire to the very top. 

While a completely closed top would restrict the amount of airflow necessary to create a smokeless flame, a perforated design lets your fire breathe as much air as it was meant to.


We mentioned earlier that Heat Deflector pairs perfectly with Solo Stove HubFire Pit Tools, and Roasting Sticks… but wait, there’s more! Once your fire pit is ready to call it a day, load it into your Station and sit your Heat Deflector right on top as the crown jewel of your fire pit, with other accessories nesting safely inside the burn chamber.

Any hot Solo Stove Fire Pit needs to be considered with care. You should never touch a fire pit while it is lit. The same case applies to Heat Deflector, which will reach sensationally high temps while in use. However, to touch a warm or cooling deflector after your fire has gone out, or to place your Heat Deflector after you’ve started your fire, make sure you’re fully equipped with the complete protection provided by Gloves.

Care and Maintenance

After a few uses, some soot will build up on the bottom of Heat Deflector. With preventative care, like keeping Heat Deflector out of the rain and humidity, cleaning sessions to nip that soot in the bud should be few and far between. We recommend polishing Heat Deflector’s surfaces with Barkeepers Friend and a dry cloth. Always ensure Heat Deflector is completely dry before storing to prevent surface rust.

Ready for head-to-toe warmth made to share? Buy Heat Deflector Now: