Upgrade Your Smokeless Fire Pit with a Pellet-Fueled Burn

Feb 24, 2023
By Breaune Crouch + Kelsey Lawrence

Are you the type who gets excited about building a fire? Stacking the wood just right, only to watch it all go up in flames. The thoughtful rearranging and careful stoking. It’s as comforting as the warmth radiating from it. Building a pellet-fueled fire is less hands-on but is just as satisfying. The rush and clang of pellets on steel sound like heavy rain on a rooftop. There’s no stirring or tending–just the hum of a constant roaring flame. 

Both experiences wake the senses in their own way. But with the help of our Fire Pit Pellet Adapter, pellets do something firewood just doesn’t. It takes “nature’s TV” to the next level:

+ Produces 2+ hours of smokeless flame

+ 360 secondary burn (on the first try)

+ Stoke-free

Adding the Solo Stove Fire Pit Pellet Adapter in Ranger, Bonfire, Yukon, and Canyon sizes lets you choose your fireside experience and how hands-on you want to be with your fire.

Introducing the Fire Pit Pellet Adapter

The Solo Stove Fire Pit Pellet Adapter can turn your outdoor gathering into a relaxing experience with minimal effort. It’s as easy as placing the adapter in, pouring in the premium wood pellets of your choice, and lighting them up. A secondary burn is almost guaranteed on the first try! 

The adapter’s simple design nests inside both 1.0 and 2.0 fire pit versions. Carefully designed vent holes allow proper airflow while preventing pellets from dropping into the ash pan. This minimizes waste and keeps your pellet-fueled fire burning bright and beautiful for longer.

There’s no poking, stirring, or moving--making it virtually stoke and maintenance-free. However, when you’re ready for the crackle and smell of burning wood, you can easily remove the adapter to burn firewood. Once the fire pit cools completely, remove the adapter using the integrated handle.

How to use it

It’s as easy as lighting a massive candle.

Simply insert the pellet adapter into your Bonfire, Ranger, Yukon, or Canyon fire pit. Pour in a few pounds of pellets and light 4 to 7 starters. If you plan to fill your fire pit up, keep them an inch below the top vent holes for the best air to flow.

Tip: You can find our fuel amount recommendations here.

The fire takes about 10-15 minutes to spread across the top of the pellets. Once completely lit, the pellets burn evenly for 2+ hours from the top layer until they become ash.

If your fire goes out, don’t fret! Grab a long lighter and reignite the smoke near the secondary burn holes. 

Achieving secondary burn with pellets

Remember that secondary burn we mentioned earlier? It’s critical to achieving a smokeless fire, which is every campfire enthusiast’s dream. It’s even easier to achieve in your Solo Stove with the Fire Pit Pellet Adapter.

In fact, a pellet-fueled fire is all secondary burn. There’s no primary burn underneath the roaring flames. Pellet’s low moisture content and homogenous shape allow it to burn evenly from the top down, producing a hotter fire. 

After about 2 hours of complete secondary burn, the characteristics of the fire change. Once secondary burn stops, blue flames scatter across the top of the pellets for an additional 3 hours. During this time, we do not recommend covering the fire with a Lid, or leaving the fire unattended.

Cooking over a pellet-fueled fire

Whether you cook with pellets or hardwood, the goal is steady heat. 

For the best results, we recommend cooking over the embers of food-safe pellets. After secondary burn height decreases, cooking over embers allows you to control the amount of heat the fire emits. Think of it like a kitchen stovetop. When flames lick the bottom or sides of the cooking surface, it’s “Hi.” Hot embers would be considered “Med.” This is where you want to be.

If your fire gets too low, toss in a few pieces of chunk wood to keep the fire steady. 

Hands-on or hands-free?

Evenings around the fire are unique. You need a fire pit experience that can keep up with your mood. Whether the night leads you to an “old-fashioned” fire or something less hands-on, we’ve got the fire pit tools to enhance each experience.

Fuel Your Way