Ultimate Homemade Hot Chocolate

Dec 20, 2023
By Molly Allen

Chilly winter evenings call for time spent around the fire with a mug of hot chocolate. And the ultimate hot chocolate is made with only three ingredients and piled high with all of your favorite toppings. 

A mixture of milk, cocoa powder, and sugar heated over the fire will result in a rich, creamy drink that’s sure to warm you up. Put together a tray of topping options, including marshmallows, crushed peppermint, chocolate chips, and other festive candies, so everyone can top their own ultimate drink. Don’t forget the whipped cream!

This recipe serves 1 but can easily be doubled in the pot for a larger batch. 


Mesa XL, Cooking Ring, Cooking Pot


  • 1 1/3 cups whole milk

  • 2 1/2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar


  • Whipped cream

  • Crushed peppermints

  • Mini marshmallows

  • Holiday sprinkles

  • Mini chocolate chips

Step 1: Fire Up Your Mesa

Start a fire in your Mesa tabletop firepit. Cook down small pieces of wood to create a base of hot coals with a small flame.


Step 2: Whisk the Ingredients Together

In a campfire pot, add the milk, cocoa powder, and sugar. Whisk until thoroughly combined.


Step 3: Warm the Hot Chocolate

With a low flame in Mesa, heat up the hot chocolate mixture for three to five minutes. Remove from the heat and whisk.


Step 4: Pour and Top

Pour the hot chocolate into mugs. Dress up with whipped cream and your favorite toppings.


Additional Hot Chocolate Flavor Ideas

Want even more ways to customize your hot chocolate for the ultimate drink? Try these mix-ins.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate: Mint and chocolate go hand in hand. Add a teaspoon of pure peppermint extract to the mix.

Boozy Hot Chocolate: Add a shot to your mug! Try it with coffee liqueur, Irish cream, amaretto, or your favorite bourbon.

Orange Hot Chocolate: Take inspiration from those festive holiday chocolate oranges. Add the zest of half of an orange to the pot.