Turn Up the Heat: 12 Backyard Must Haves This Summer

May 24, 2024
Turn Up the Heat: 12 Backyard Must Haves This Summer

As each day grows longer, a special kind of magic is in the air. Warm breezes carry the scent of fresh-cut grass. The hum of crickets can be heard as the sun starts to set. The gentle flicker of a smokeless flame invites your friends and family to gather around its golden glow. Your backyard, once a cozy spring retreat, is on the brink of becoming the ultimate summer haven—a place where memories are made, laughter is shared, and every evening feels like a celebration of the season.

There's still time to transform your outdoor space into a sweet summer hangout before the season truly heats up. We’re here to help you build the perfect backyard that will ensure every moment is as magical as the season itself. 


Furnish with durability

Creating the perfect summer backyard doesn’t have to be complicated. It starts with choosing the right furniture. Yes, style is important, but there’s more to consider as you look forward to casual conversations in the backyard among friends. 

Wood, glass, metal, or wicker furniture may look nice, but their durability outdoors depends on the type, quality, and how often you treat the materials to withstand the elements. Composite concrete furniture like our Ella Lightweight Chat Sets offers a contemporary vibe while built to withstand every kind of weather that blows in your way. Consider 1903 Adirondack Chairs, made of an eco-friendly composite of recycled plastics, for a more classic design with strong durability. 

Mix in additional seating options like loungers or hammocks, and enhance the area with outdoor rugs and potted plants to create an inviting boho atmosphere. Once you’ve picked out the essentials, it’s time to start planning the vibes.

It’s all about the ambiance!

In our world, smokeless flames are the epitome of ambiance. 

Solo Stove Mesa tabletop fire pits and torches are an easy and inexpensive way to create a relaxing atmosphere in any outdoor space. Available in two sizes, a single tabletop Mesa goes a long way to setting the stage for memorable evenings in the backyard. Add a few Mesa Torches (and some tunes) to surprise and delight guests as they arrive. The glow from your tabletop fire pit and surrounding torches will warm the soul as you enjoy time spent together outside.

A smokeless Bonfire will naturally draw your family or guests together, creating a place for conversation and memories. If you’re looking for something a little more posh, our Bio-E (bioethanol) Series fire pits are a classy addition that allows you to regulate the height and intensity of the flame for whatever your backyard space calls for at that particular moment.

Whether it's the cozy glow of a Mesa torch, the crackle of a Bonfire, or the customizable charm of our Bio-E Series, there's something for every backyard vibe. Let the flames draw you in, sparking conversations and memories long after the flames have faded.


Craft the perfect cooking space

Good meals bring people together. And cooking outside is an experience that can’t be beat. Mixed Berry French Toast on the griddle? Apple and Prosciutto Pizza in the Pi Fire? Sizzling steaks on the Cast Iron Grill Top? Bring. It. On. Your backyard oasis has the potential to be a chef’s outdoor dream kitchen with a few simple Solo Stove cooking accessories. Whether you're looking for the quick stir fry of a wok, the classic char of a grill, or the searing perfection of a griddle, we've got you covered.

Make it a movie night

Elevate your backyard into a nostalgic retreat with movie nights under the stars. We have all the essentials for creating movie magic right in the comfort of your own lawn. With our Vista Projector Screen, comfortable Loungers, and an easy-to-use Popcorn Maker, you’ll create an unforgettable cinematic experience that will wow your friends, family, and neighbors. 


Imagine gathering around your Solo Stove fire pit, the centerpiece of countless cozy evenings and cookouts. You hear the sizzle of food on a cast iron cooktop. The warmth of friends and family surrounds you, and the sky is painted with a perfect blend of colors that only seem to exist as the sun dips below the horizon. This is the essence of summer nights that can—and should—be enjoyed outdoors in the comfort of your own backyard.