Top Off Your Smokeless Tabletop Fire Pit with Mesa Accessory Pack

Jan 23, 2023
By Kelsey Lawrence

You’ve been counting down the hours all day long. You can’t wait to get home, give the dog a treat, then settle in for a treat of your own–watching the sunset with the family gathered around the tabletop fire pit. This evening’s smokeless burn promises to be even better than the last. More convenient. More efficient. And as a result, more focused on family frivolity. Why? Because your Mesa Accessory Pack will make it even easier to enjoy a leisurely midweek burn around your Mesa.

Mesa Accessory Pack includes various mini tools to top off your smokeless tabletop experience. 

Included are:

  • 4 Mini Sticks

  • 4 Stick Rests

  • 1 Pellet Scoop

  • 1 Mesa Lid 

  • 1 Carry Case 

Mini Sticks are designed to complement your Mesa. They’re durable, reusable, easy to clean, and mini! It’s now easier and safer than ever to roast marshmallows, doughnut holes, apples, or whatever your family likes to heat over an open flame.

We don’t know anyone who likes a sticky mess, and the struggle over where to put your roasting sticks when they’re covered in marshmallow goo is real. Stick Rests give you a place to set your Mini Sticks until you’re ready to do the dishes. No tabletop cleanup is required. Rubber grips on the bottom will keep them in place while protecting your tabletop at the same time. 

Now let’s talk about how you’ve been feeding Mesa. There’s a good chance you’ve been doing some guesswork when it comes to how many pellets are needed and when to add them to keep the burn alive. Maybe you’re adding pellets by hand and getting too close to the flame. Perhaps you’ve even suffocated your flame a time or two with these methods. Pellet Scoop perfectly portions about ¼ cup of pellets. This amount should burn for about 4-5 minutes. When it’s time to add more, Pellet Scoop helps you add them where they’re needed from a safe distance. We recommend adding pellets when the flame is still about 4 inches above the flame ring and sprinkling them around rather than adding all your pellets all at once. 

And just like the fire pit Lid, Mesa Lid allows you to cover embers and keep the elements out while your tabletop fire pit cools. Remember, only use Mesa Lid once your flames die down to smoldering embers and still around until the fire is completely out. Do not use it when your flame is still roaring.

Mesa Accessory Pack wouldn’t be complete without a way to neatly pack it up, store it, and carry these handy tools from place to place. After all, what makes Mesa so convenient is its size and portability. Everything from the Mini Sticks to the Stick Rests, Pellet Scoop, and Mesa Lid has its perfect place in the Carry Case, which folds up neatly, making it easy to store or take on the go. 

Pro cleaning tip:

Tools in the Mesa Accessory Pack should be hand washed. Avoid soaking or using them in the dishwasher. Handwashing these tools will ensure they stay pristine for the next time your family gathers around the fire. 

The right tools at the right size make sweet moments gathered around your tabletop flame even sweeter. Stay close and comfortable around the table with Mesa Accessory Pack. 

Top Off Your Experience