Thanksgiving Day Recipes to Try with Solo Stove

Nov 15, 2022
By Kelsey Lawrence

With the holiday season upon us, you’re probably finalizing plans for Thanksgiving. Whether you’re hosting or attending a gathering, there is likely a recipe or two you lean on year after year. But what if you could make your meal prep more fun for yourself and delight your guests at the same time?

As we look forward to gathering around the Thanksgiving table, we challenge you to think outside the confines of your kitchen–and actually take your dinner prep to the backyard. 

Thanks to the creativity of the Solo Stove community, we’re excited to share a few ways you can whip up a delicious dish using your smokeless fire pit, camp stove, and Pi Pizza Oven. Not only will these recipes impress and satisfy, but they’ll turn your meal prep into the main event. 

Hiking Hot Chocolate

Nothing screams fall and time spent outside like a soothing cup of hot chocolate. As the leaves gently fall from the trees, take a leisurely walk or even plan a longer hike. You’ll have a little more pep in your step knowing that your bonfire and a hot cup of cocoa are awaiting your return. Whipping it up over an open flame will be a memorable and enjoyable way to finish your outing that could become a new Thanksgiving tradition. 

Detroit-style ‘Cold Weather Comfort’ Pizza

Have these ready as your guests start to arrive for your Thanksgiving get-together. Welcomed by the scent of roasted squash, pecans, and sage, their mouths will be watering from the moment they walk in the door. The addition of whipped honey ricotta and pecans take this delicious dish into comfort-food territory, making it the perfect pizza pie to prepare their palettes for what’s to come next. 

Campground Corn Chowder

This corn chowder is a simple and savory way to bring comfort food to your campfire. Have this chowder simmering over the fire as your guests begin to arrive. As they nibble on your comfort pizza, they anticipate the second course being stewed over your smokeless flame. The flavors from this corn chowder paired with the crackling of a cozy fire will envelop your friends like a warm blanket. 

Skillet Peach Cobbler

After the football game is over and everyone has eaten, bring everyone back outside for some fresh air and wind down around the fire pit as you make room for dessert. This treat is a fall favorite with a delightful twist–it’s cooked in your Pi Pizza Oven! It’s sweet, crumbly, and everything you’d ever want in a cobbler. Best of all? You’re cooking it outside among falling leaves, friends, and family. 

Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza Pie

Now that the big day is over, it's all about the leftovers. Munching on leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, mac n' cheese, and stuffing is okay--for the first 3 days. As the week goes on, you'll start to cave more than the holiday fixin's from a few days ago. Instead of allowing those leftovers to migrate to the back of the fridge, make something new!

Mac n' Cheese

It's not a well-balanced Thanksgiving Day meal without a hefty scoop of mac n' cheese. It's the dish most people b-line to when piling sides high on their plate, the first thing they dig into and rush back to the kitchen for seconds. This simple 3 cheese dish will have dinner attendees scraping the skillet for one last bite and asking for the recipe or cooking tips.

Share your Culinary Adventures with Us

Are you planning to test your culinary skills over an open flame? We'd like to hear how you're using your Solo Stove to serve up a Thanksgiving feast with a smokeless twist.

Share your recipes and photos with us by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Who knows? Maybe a community-inspired cookbook is in our future.