Station: The Perfect Storage Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Aug 31, 2022
By Carolyn Owen

We’ve heard a similar story from quite a few Solo Stove owners… After seeing a Bonfire in action, whether in person or online, you just can’t get it off your mind. It’s the perfect solution to spending more time outside, more time with loved ones, and frankly– fire pits are a lot of fun!

You find yourself following Solo Stove on Instagram, and next thing you know, you’ve placed an order for a Bonfire + Stand. A few burns later, you’re thinking “Hm, I bet getting some Fire Pit Tools would make this ten times more fun.” Next thing you know, you own the whole Solo Stove line, and it’s all laying around your deck or garage. 

Meet Station: The perfect storage solution for all things Solo Stove.

Log rack designs haven’t changed much in the last hundred years. The simple U shaped design is great for holding several bundles of wood, but what about everything else? Station optimizes storage with a configurable design that lets you store your fire pit, firewood, accessories, and more — just the way you want. With five slots in Station’s Tool Holder, each Stove, Stick, and Fire Pit Tool has its place. Think of it as the last log rack you’ll ever need to buy– with Solo Stove’s lifetime warranty, should anything happen to your station, we will happily replace it.

Built For Life

From what seems like the beginning of time, or at least since the first lumberjack cut down his first tree, log racks have been banished to a place that’s out of sight and out of mind. Let’s face it, the traditional log rack is kind of an eyesore. This keeps your firewood away from where you’ll actually be enjoying your night around your fire pit. So, doesn’t it make sense to find a solution that invites your bundle of wood to the party? Finally, there is a log rack design that complements your backyard, and that you will actually want to see. Station will sit comfortably anywhere in your yard, whether it’s near your fire pit on the deck, or in the grass. 

Life should be simple. It shouldn’t be difficult to locate everything you’ll need for a memorable fire pit night full of fun. Station was designed so all things Solo Stove would have a home, and the best part is that you can make it your own. Adjustable shelf inserts allow you to store your Ranger, Bonfire, or Yukon in Station with safety and ease. If you have more than one fire pit, you can use each of Station’s shelves to easily store both.

Station’s design combines a modern, minimalist aesthetic with a durable powder-coated aluminum. Holding up to 250 pounds of any combination of your Solo Stove fire pits, camping stoves, accessories, and firewood, Station outperforms the traditional log rack by a mile.

Think of all the combinations you can come up with! Ranger, Starters, and Sticks on top, Juniper on bottom. Or, maybe Ranger on top, Yukon on bottom? OR, Juniper on top, Oak on bottom and Bonfire safe and sound under a Shelter nearby. You can tinker around with it until you find your combo of choice.

Simply Meticulous

Most of your fire pit accessories will nest easily inside of your fire pit. Now, your Fire Pit ToolsSticks, and Shield tools can have a home in Station’s Tool Holder. No assembly required: the Tool Holder is attached to your Station right out of the box.

If you get your firewood a bundle or two at a time, you might want to think about getting a few extra on your next trip to the store. Station’s ample firewood storage room means you won’t have to stock up as often! Our Juniper and Oak firewood bundles are cut to be 10-12” long, allowing for stacking logs two rows deep inside of Station’s 24” deep firewood shelf.  Firewood is best stored away from any wood structures. This allows those structures to be safe from any mildew or pests that burrow into the crevices between each log. 

Going the extra mile to keep your fire pit safe from any inclement weather is the mark of any seasoned Solo Stove owner.  Built to hold up to the real world, Station’s Cover is sturdy enough to protect against rain, snow, and ice. The cover provides total protection while still allowing wood to breathe. All four sides of Station will be protected, so even the gadgets in the Tool Holder won’t get wet in a storm. Roll up the sides for easy access while you’re getting your fire pit set up, and roll them down when Station is all loaded up! It’s as simple as that.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time curating your perfect backyard. We get it, ambiance is everything. Station’s cover comes in both Black and Premium Ash Gray, so your backyard vision can stay intact.

The perfect storage solution you’ve been waiting for is finally here.