Solo Stove Yukon: The Biggest and Baddest

Aug 11, 2022

Spending time outdoors isn’t limited to hiking trails. Your backyard is your own slice of nature, and you should be able to breathe in the benefits all the same. In the same way the fireplace is the heart of your living room, your fire pit should be the heart of your backyard. Thanks to Yukon, extending your living space to the outdoors has never been easier. Read on to learn about what makes Yukon the biggest and baddest fire pit, designed with gathering in mind:

The Heart of the Backyard

“We are truly enjoying our Solo Stove Yukon. Because of our huge family get-togethers, this large fire pit has been a perfect size as we all gather around for laughter, sing-alongs, and telling stories. The dancing flames have a certain magic of melding us all together while creating serious memory power.” – Kilene C.

Yukon is the largest in the Solo Stove Fire Pit line, making it the most reliable focal point your backyard can have. Weighing in at 44 pounds, with a diameter of 27 inches, Yukon is intended for groups of 6-10 to enjoy.

Traditional fire pits fall short in the ambiance category. Solo Stove Fire Pits are designed to compliment your backyard’s aesthetic with a minimal, clean design that fits seamlessly into any environment. 

Introducing the element of safety, when Yukon is used with a Stand, it can be lit on any surface, from wood and composite decks, to grass, gravel, concrete, and more.

*Solo Stove Fire Pit Stands are designed to elevate your fire pit away from heat-sensitive surfaces such as wood decks, but fire pits burn extremely hot, and hot air may still gather underneath. Please use with caution and at your own risk. Never leave your fire pit unattended unless the fire and coals are fully extinguished. Composite decking (such as Trex, TimberTech, Azek, TIVA, Nexan, and Versadeck) differ significantly in quality and have varying heat resistance ratings. If you plan to use your fire pit and stand on composite decking please check with your manufacturer or builder to ensure your surface can handle high temperatures, or further elevate your fire pit with concrete pavers to avoid potential damage.

Expansive Warmth

“As promised, the Yukon fire pit is stylish, contained, and SMOKELESS! It throws off tremendous heat, perfect for cool, summer evenings or freezing, winter nights. A must-have for your outdoor entertaining!” – Amy V.

The days of playing musical chairs to dodge smoke around the fire pit are over. Traditional fire pits make you smell like smoke for days after sitting near them. Now, you can relish in fireside experiences without the inconvenience of a smoky flame. Our Signature 360° Airflow super-heats air to burn off smoke before it can get to your clothes and hair, letting you enjoy nights around a fire, again and again, night after night.

Thanks to optimal airflow, anyone can start and sustain a smokeless fire. Solo Stove Firewood is custom cut to fit inside any of our fire pits, and our Starters and Starter Packs are guaranteed to light every single time. Learn more about the science behind a smokeless fire here.

Because of its size, Yukon sustains the hottest and largest fires of all Solo Stove Fire Pit sizes. This leads to the most finely burnt ashes left inside when your fire is over. Yukon now features a patented removable base plate and ash pan, so clean up is just as easy as the start up. Easily reach in, retrieve your ash pan and trash the ash. In no time, you’re ready for your next burn.

Portability Redefined

“Great improvement on our last fire pit. Less smoke and portable, too!” – Jean R.

Traditional fire pits fall into a few camps: the super smoky fire pit bowls, the bulky built-ins, and the needlessly complicated propane pits. Modern problems require modern solutions, and Yukon is the sleek and chic answer to your lack of time outside.

Made of ultra-portable and highly-durable 304 stainless steel, Yukon is the largest wood-burning fire pit around that you can still move around your yard with minimal effort. When redesigning your outdoor oasis, a built-in fire pit is no longer a hoop to jump through. Ask a friend for help lifting, or lift yourself with a Yukon Handle to easily rearrange your space.

Yukon’s size lends itself to the backyard, but the sky is the limit with where you can use Solo Stove Fire Pits. Take your Yukon to the front yard or driveway, or even further. Solo Stove Fire Pit Accessories are made to nest inside of your fire pit, so even when you hit the road you don’t have to sacrifice the full memory-making experience.

Don’t Just Take It From Us…

We are so fortunate to be able to watch the Solo Stove Community grow day by day. See what they’re up to, and what they have to say about their time spent fireside:

“We were thinking about redoing our backyard brick fire pit when we came across a person using a Solo Stove. After talking with him and researching the Solo Stove website we decided the Yukon would be a perfect solution to a new backyard fire pit. Not only does it fit our needs and it will be easy to relocate if we desire, it is virtually smoke-free which we love. And clean up is a breeze the next day with everything burned down to ash. There is very little to dispose of and easy to get ready for the next fire.” – Lynn C.

“I love my Bonfire for 1-4 people, but the Yukon gives off much more heat and allows you to do a true log cabin lighting method. I’m keeping my Bonfire for smaller groups and camping. I’ll use my Yukon for bigger groups. Get yourself one today! You won’t be disappointed.” – Charles T.

“I have a Bonfire and decided to upgrade to the Yukon. I now realize that I should have originally just bought the Yukon. The Yukon can handle almost any size log or wood you will typically get from any company. It’s great for larger groups. We just had 20 people around it and made s’mores. It also puts out a great deal of heat and very little smoke! Looking forward to fall and winter weather to sit around the fire.” – Shibu P.