Solo Stove Bonfire: Built For The Backyard and Beyond

Aug 30, 2022
By Carolyn Owen

Getting outside and making memories should be easy no matter where you go. Solo Stove Fire Pits exist so anyone can light up smokeless fires anywhere life takes them– and Bonfire is the perfect companion for those that refuse to limit where their good moments come to life. Whether lighting a fire in your backyard or in the backcountry, Bonfire is ready to go wherever you are. Keep reading to learn what makes Bonfire “The World’s Favorite Smokeless Fire Pit”:

The Gathering Place

“We love our Bonfire and how portable it is! We can have driveway drinks with neighbors, hang out in the backyard enjoying the stars and making s’mores, or take the stove with us camping! I love that it can be enjoyed with the freedom of not smelling like I sat around a fire all night! Worth the money!” – Kara R.

Bonfire’s size makes it the perfect backyard centerpiece, while still being portable enough to serve as the heart of your campsite. If you spend a lot of time in your backyard but like to be on-the-go as often as possible, you’ll never have to sacrifice on fireside warmth as long as your Bonfire is in tow.

Solo Stove Fire Pits are made with ultra-durable and surprisingly lightweight 304 stainless steel– meaning Bonfire weighs in at only 25 pounds. With a diameter of 19.5 inches, Bonfire is the perfect size for groups of 3-6 people.

Bonfire’s ecosystem of accessories nest perfectly inside– and with Bonfire’s included carry case, you and your crew can take the experience anywhere. Learn more about where you can take your Bonfire here.

You can truly light Bonfire anywhere– in your driveway, on gravel, and the dirt ground at your campsite. And as long as you’re using a Stand, burn on grass, sand, and even your wood or composite deck.

*Solo Stove Fire Pit Stands are designed to elevate your fire pit away from heat-sensitive surfaces such as wood decks, but fire pits burn extremely hot, and hot air may still gather underneath. Please use with caution and at your own risk. Never leave your fire pit unattended unless the fire and coals are fully extinguished. Composite decking (such as Trex, TimberTech, Azek, TIVA, Nexan, and Versadeck) differ significantly in quality and have varying heat resistance ratings. If you plan to use your fire pit and stand on composite decking please check with your manufacturer or builder to ensure your surface can handle high temperatures, or further elevate your fire pit with concrete pavers to avoid potential damage.

Not Your Dad’s Fire Pit Bowl

“I recently bought this stove and used it for the first time over July 4th weekend. It was a hit with our group. Easy to light and keep going. So happy to be rid of our old smoky fire pit and have this one to use instead. We plan to take it camping at some point which will be fun!” – Karen C.

In order for something to truly be “the best”, it has to keep up with the times. Playing musical chairs to dodge smoke while sitting around a clunky stationary fire pit is outdated– but having a good time isn’t. Creating efficient, smokeless fires was the idea that became Solo Stove’s legacy. Our products exist to make your moments around a fire better– because coming together and making memories with those you love the most in the outdoors is worth the innovation.

Now you can relish in fireside experiences without the inconvenience of a smoky flame. Our Signature 360° Airflow super-heats air to burn off smoke before it can get to your clothes and hair, letting you enjoy nights around a fire, again and again, night after night. Learn more about the science behind a smokeless burn here.

The Easiest Fire Ever

“Love the simplicity of the Bonfire fire pit. Just throw some wood in, quickly light and sit back and relax.” – Sid N.

The only thing you can never get more of is time. In a perfect world, everything would be easy to use, so you could spend more time enjoying your experience and less time worrying about the setup. Bonfire is incredibly easy to light, so you can go from box to burn in 10 minutes or less.

Bonfire now features a patented removable base plate and ash pan, so clean up is just as easy as the start up. Just trash the ash, and you’re onto your next fire in no time.

Thanks to optimal airflow, anyone can start and sustain a smokeless fire. All you need is firewood and a firestarter or two. Solo Stove Firewood is custom cut to fit inside any of our fire pits, and our Starters and Starter Packs are guaranteed to light every single time.

Don’t Just Take It From Us…

We are so fortunate to be able to watch the Solo Stove Community grow day by day. See what they’re up to, and what they have to say about their time spent fireside:

“Bought the Bonfire for my husband’s birthday. We are typically gas fireplace people because we don’t like smelling like campfire smoke… but the gas fireplace doesn’t really fit our needs in the yard so we tried this. 100% awesome. It’s easy to use and get started. Smoke stays away from people sitting around it and it roasts marshmallows perfectly. Better yet, it cools quickly so we can store it in the garage when not in use. Love, love, love it! You don’t have to be a campfire type family to enjoy this product.” – Connie W.

“The Bonfire is just what you need for those nights camping in the woods! Convenient to transport, and makes starting a campfire a cinch. My advice: snag one NOW for your next camp trip!” – Elizabeth B.

“I’ve been thinking about a Solo Stove for a year plus. A friend showed me hers and my desire to have one went way up, based on her review to me… Now we sit by the fire 3x a week.” – Dee S.

“We love our Bonfire, best thing we could’ve purchased lately. I recommend this to anyone, very worth the money. I now want to sit outside more in the evenings. Love the sound it makes when the wood crackles.” – Amy M.