Set the Table for More Outdoor Memories with Mesa

Feb 3, 2023
By Breaune Crouch

Our days are usually filled to the brim with stuff. It’s rarely the fun or important kind. At Solo Stove, we believe it should be easy to fill the “stuff” of life with warmth and not just from the heat of a fire pit. It’s those indescribable moments that make your heart smile. It comes from sharing time and space with the people that matter the most to you. 

Mesa's size and design make it easy to do just that! Warm up a backyard family night, wine night with the girls, or tailgate on game day. It’s a mini reminder to warm up your good moments together. 

Bring Warmth to Any Table

Mesa is designed to make time spent around the table fun and easy. Its size and included carrying case allow you to bring a mini campfire experience anywhere. An apartment balcony, a backyard patio, or a picnic table in the Smokey Mountains–seriously, anywhere. Fitting in the palm of your hand (two hands when it comes to XL) it can go from stowed to a smokeless tabletop centerpiece in a matter of minutes. Then, when the night is done, and the coals have cooled, stowed away again! Wherever you go, Mesa is made to move.

Where there’s a table to be set, Mesa can provide more than an amber glow. That’s what candles are for! With about 1-2 feet of flames licking above the flame ring, you can immediately feel warmth around the table. The included mini stand ensures the warmth you feel doesn’t transfer to sensitive surfaces. Where you really want that heat is on the outside of a tasty marshmallow, gently crisping it to caramelized perfection until it’s ready to be squished between chocolate and a graham cracker. 

Made to run on More

Whether you’re a novice or an expert fire starter, we offer a variety of tools that make box-to-burn more convenient. Just grab a few starters, fuel, and a lighter. In minutes, you’ll shout, “I… HAVE MADE FIRE,” like Tom Hanks in Castaway. It’s really that easy.

Made to run on more, Mesa and Mesa XL are designed to burn both Premium Wood Fuel Pellets and Mini Oak Firewood. Our Signature 360° Airflow ensures flames burn ultra-hot no matter which fuel source you choose. Our mini firewood is cut down to size and kiln-dried for a smokeless 30-minute burn in either Mesa size. Holding twice the amount of pellets as Mesa, Mesa XL boasts a full 60-minute burn without needing more fuel. Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to spend outdoors Mesa and Mesa XL’s dual fuel capabilities, allow you to enjoy warmth and ambiance your way.

A Hue for Every Vibe

Although Stainless is classic, we want to expand what’s possible. Knowing that your space is uniquely yours, we want to offer seasonal hues that suit your space. After all, the host with the most deserves a centerpiece that keeps guests talking.

Whether your style is minimalist, maximalist, or modern, Mesa will blend seamlessly into your personal aesthetic. Set your soul on fire with the center of attention, Mulberry. Chill out in tranquility with Water. Appease your inner flower child with Deep Olive. Embrace minimalism with Bone or Ash. Or, keep it classic with Stainless Steel and watch a unique patina form over time. Mesa’s colorful journey has just begun and will refresh with each passing season. So, stick around for each new wave of color.

No matter the story you bring to life in your backyard and beyond, Mesa can compliment it for years to come with a high-heat ceramic coating that resists patina.

Warm Up More Memories