Pi Care and Maintenance

Aug 30, 2022

To make the best pizzas in the neighborhood, you’ll want to keep Pi in tip-top shape. Follow along to learn everything you need to know about Pi’s care & maintenance, so you can continue to make delicious memories from here on out!

How To Clean Pi, Step By Step:

- Make sure Pi is completely cooled, and there are no live embers inside. It might even be best to do this the morning after pizza night.

- Grab a bucket, and dump the spent coals and embers from your fuel grate and ash pan inside. Set the ash pan and fuel grate aside.

- With a damp cloth, wipe the fingerprints and soot off of Pi’s panoramic opening.

- Following with a dry cloth, dry any leftover moisture from Pi’s stainless steel body.

- Remove the stones, and scrape off any pizza debris with a plastic putty knife.

- Follow the same wet cloth/dry cloth procedure when cleaning Pi’s interior, making sure to clean Pi’s demi-dome roof and inner walls.

- Like Solo Stove Fire Pits, Pi will naturally patina over time, giving your Pi a unique flare that’s a reminder of all your pizza night memories. But to restore some of Pi’s former shininess, use any food safe stainless steel cleaner to give Pi a final once over.