Pizza Perfection On the Move: The New Pizza Oven Cart

Nov 30, 2023

Our customers are the heart of Solo Stove, and when you spoke, we listened. Introducing the Pizza Oven Cart – a direct response to your feedback, transforming the pizza oven stand into a dynamic and user-friendly cart. Let's roll through the key enhancements inspired by your valuable input.

Compatibility that Counts

In response to the need for flexibility, the Pizza Oven Cart is fully compatible with both the Pi Prime and Pi Dual Fuel pizza ovens. With dedicated index points ensuring a secure fit, you have the freedom to choose the oven that best suits your culinary vision.

Streamlined Assembly for Effortless Enjoyment

Simplified assembly is at the forefront of the Pizza Oven Cart's design. No more intricate instructions and potential setbacks. Setting up your outdoor pizza haven is now straightforward, allowing you to focus on the joy of making and savoring delicious pizzas.

Compact Storage Made Simple

Understanding that deck space is at a premium and recognizing that many may already have a grill, the Pizza Oven Cart introduces foldable shelves for maximum convenience. These shelves neatly fold down, allowing the cart to fit into most situations. No more unnecessary space occupation; simply fold the shelves and roll the cart out of the way, leaving your outdoor area tidy and ready for your next culinary adventure.

Hidden Propane Tank Storage: Access with Ease

No more wrestling with propane tanks! The Pizza Oven Cart ingeniously solves this dilemma with a dedicated resting place for your propane tank, easily accessible from the front. A stylish, discrete fabric panel, fire- and weather-resistant, ensures that the tank is both securely stowed and effortlessly reachable. This easy front access feature sets the Pizza Oven Cart apart, making refueling a breeze like never before.

Versatility Unleashed: Pizolo and More

The Pizza Oven Cart is your ticket to a new level of versatility, designed to seamlessly accommodate the Lazy PiZolo, Pi Prime, and Pi Dual Fuel. Unlike its predecessor, the previous version, which lacked compatibility, the Pizza Oven Cart opens the door to a range of culinary possibilities.

Specifically crafted for use with the Pizza Oven Cart, the Lazy PiZolo introduces a playful convenience – allowing you to effortlessly spin your Pi Dual Fuel around for easy fueling. The Pizza Oven Cart is not just a cart; it's a platform that works harmoniously with your favorite pizza-making accessories, making outdoor cooking a breeze.

Saving Dough, Enjoying More

Your budget matters and the Pizza Oven Cart is not only an improvement in functionality but also an affordable option. We've offered this upgrade at a lower cost, ensuring you can elevate your pizza-making game without breaking the bank.

Full Protection for Your Pizza Investment

Sold separately, the full cover designed for the Pizza Oven Cart provides comprehensive protection for both the pizza oven and the cart. Now, your investment remains shielded from the elements, allowing you to enjoy worry-free outdoor pizza sessions.

In conclusion, Solo Stove's Pizza Oven Cart is a celebration of progress, bringing you a pizza-making experience that is more convenient, versatile, and affordable. Upgrade your pizza game with the Pizza Oven Cart and roll into a new era of outdoor culinary delight. Your pizza adventure continues here!