New Pi Accessories: Cooking Essentials for Every Level

Jul 13, 2023
By Kevin Jeffrey

Welcome to a culinary adventure that combines the joys of outdoor cooking with the art of crafting delicious pizzas. At Solo Stove, we're excited to introduce our latest lineup of outdoor pizza-making accessories and some beloved legacy items designed to enhance your backyard cooking experience. From novice beginners to seasoned artisans, we have the perfect tools to take your pizza-making skills to new heights.

Unleash Your Pizza Potential

Let's explore these new exciting Pi tools and see how they can enhance your cooking journey:

Pi Prep Board: Elevate your Pi experience with our precision cutting board, ensuring consistent and fresh pizza bases.

Pizza Docker: Achieve perfect crust consistency with our pizzeria-grade tool, eliminating bubbles for crispy pizzas every time.

Pi Cast Iron Cookware Set: Unleash your culinary creativity with this versatile accessory, allowing you to explore a world of deep-dish pizzas, sizzling steaks, and delightful desserts.

Pizza Oven Brush: Brush crumbs from your pizza stone, and scape away toppings that have gone overboard.

Pi Pizza Rocker Blade: Effortlessly slice through pizzas with our ergonomic 18.79" cutter, ensuring flawless and evenly portioned slices.

Lazy PiZolo: Simplify fueling and temperature control with our convenient Pi Pizza Oven stand, effortlessly spinning your Pi Duo for safe and easy access.

Heavy-Duty Apron: Stay clean while creating messy pizza masterpieces with our stylish and functional apron, designed for ultimate protection.

Where Are You on Your Pizza-Making Journey?

How does each new and legacy item fit into your backyard pizza-cooking tool kit? Based on where you are in your cooking journey:

Pizza-Making Rookies

If you're just starting your outdoor cooking adventure, our new and legacy accessories are a fantastic way to dive into the world of homemade pizzas. The Bamboo Peel is lightweight and absorbs excess dough moisture so that oven ready pizza slide easily from peel to Pi. Additionally, the Heavy-Duty Apron keeps you clean and protected as you learn the art of tossing, saucing, and topping your creations. For added convenience, our legacy Pi Stainless Turner 2.0 is light and rust-resistant, allowing you to create chef-inspired pizzas for ages. 

Cooking Connoisseur

For those who enjoy cooking and want to elevate their outdoor culinary skills, the Pizza Docker and Rocking Cutter are indispensable tools. With its pizzeria-grade quality, the Pizza Docker eliminates bubbles and ensures evenly-cooked crusts every time. The Rocking Cutter effortlessly glides through crust, toppings, and cheese, allowing you to easily create picture-perfect slices. As a legacy item, our 16" Bamboo Peel features an innovative stainless steel tip for seamless pizza prep and launch, optimizing your pizza-making performance and delivering exceptional results.

Dough Maestro

If you consider yourself an outdoor cooking aficionado, our 3-in-1 Cast Iron Sizzler and the Stretch and Prep Cutting Board are must-have accessories. The Cast Iron Sizzler opens up new possibilities, allowing you to explore deep-dish pizzas, pan-seared steaks, and delightful fruit cobblers or skillet cookies. With the Stretch and Prep Cutting Board, you can achieve precise dough thickness, ensuring a consistent base for your pizzas. In addition to these items, our Legacy Infrared Thermometer ensures accurate readings for maintaining the perfect flame without any guesswork, further enhancing your cooking precision.

The Perfect Slice Awaits

Solo Stove's comprehensive range of Pi Accessories caters to outdoor cooking enthusiasts of all levels, guaranteeing a gratifying and triumphant pizza-making journey. Whether you're a total newbie, a home chef eager to broaden your culinary repertoire, or an artisan with a flair for creative expression, our accessories will elevate your outdoor pizza-making experience to new heights.