Mixed Berry French Toast

Apr 12, 2023
By Molly Allen

French toast is an ideal classic whether you’re looking for something to serve for a simple breakfast or hosting family or friends for brunch. It’s also a great dish for outdoor cooking in the backyard or camping trip. But this dressed-up version kicks the breakfast staple up a notch. You won't need syrup for this flavorful French toast with juicy berries and layers of creamy mascarpone cheese.

Grab your favorite thick-sliced bread and a carton of eggs at the store. Then, build and light a fire to develop coals for cooking. Gather with your favorite people and cook the berry mixture and French toast over the fire for the ultimate breakfast treat.  

Mixed Berry French Toast

Serves: 2

Bonfire 2.0, Cast Iron Griddle Top + Hub, cast iron skillet


4 slices thick-cut bread

4 eggs

4 tablespoons milk

2 tablespoons cinnamon

1 cup sliced strawberries

1 cup blackberries

½ cup blueberries

2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons water

2 tablespoons butter 


Step 1: Build Your Fire

Build a fire in your Solo Stove fire pit. Burn 4-6 logs and allow them to reduce to hot coals. Set up the cooking hub with the griddle on top.

Step 2: Prep the Egg Mixture

In a mixing bowl, whisk the eggs, milk, and cinnamon. Set aside until ready to cook.

Step 3: Cook the Berries

Place a cast iron skillet on top of the griddle. Add in the berries, water, and sugar. Stirring occasionally, allow the berry mixture to simmer for 8-10 minutes until it reduces.

Step 4: Cook the French Toast

While the berries are cooking, dunk each slice of bread into the egg mixture, coating both sides. Melt butter on the hot griddle. Place the bread down on the griddle. Cook the toast on each side, about two minutes, until golden. Repeat with additional butter and remaining slices of bread.

Step 5: Stack the French Toast

Place one piece of French toast on a plate. Spread mascarpone cheese on top, and add a spoonful of the reduced berries. Place another piece of French toast on top, additional mascarpone cheese, and top with berries. Finish with sprinkled crushed walnuts and additional fresh fruit.




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