Mesa: The Dual-Fuel Tabletop Fire Pit

Feb 3, 2023
By Breaune Crouch

At Solo Stove, we pride ourselves on being a company of the people. What do people want? Options! Made to run on more, Mesa and Mesa XL’s capabilities go beyond just one fuel source. You can burn pellets or wood with the included pellet adapter for Mesa or redesigned fuel grate for Mesa XL. With Signature 360° Airflow, both Mesa sizes will burn ultra-hot, providing warmth and ambiance to any gathering.

Burning With Hardwood: Keeping Tradition Alive

The best moments around a fire pit are fueled by crackling hardwood. To make moments around Mesa just as gratifying as a Solo Stove Fire Pit, we chopped oak firewood down to size! Mini Oak wood is kiln-dried, then heat-treated for over an hour to ensure the lowest moisture content possible. Voila! The result is a smokeless, clean burn. 

If you don’t have any Mini Oak Wood on hand, that’s okay! You can use other types of firewood. But choose wisely. Burning softwoods that contain sap and moisture can produce more smoke. For the best experience, select a few fuel options from our ultimate firewood guide. Take a second to study up, and you’ll spend less time tending the fire and more time reconnecting with the people around you.

We get it, life can be hectic, and not all of us have time for a fire. The best part about Mesa is its relatively flexible burn time. Using hardwood in either Mesa size gives you about 30 minutes of dancing flames before more mini logs are needed. Those brief moments around the fire are much easier to squeeze into your week. Mesa and Mesa XL allow you to replace nightly routines with more spontaneous moments with your family and friends.

Burning With Pellets: Fueling Innovation

For years, the Solo Stove community asked if we planned on creating pellet-compatible fire pits. We’re happy to say, yes! Mesa and Mesa XL are the first Solo Stove products to burn Premium Wood Fuel Pellets, and we are thrilled to bring you this level of convenience!

Our heating pellets are sustainably sourced from 100% all-natural hardwood. The extrusion (or compaction)  process makes pellets denser than traditional firewood, allowing them to burn more efficiently and produce more heat.

When it comes to more, Mesa XL delivers. While both sizes provide an enjoyable, smokeless experience, Mesa XL provides more heat for a longer time. Mesa brings about 30 minutes of warmth to the table before needing a scoop or two to keep the party going. Clocking in at a whopping 60 minutes, Mesa XL holds four times the amount of pellets, emits a larger flame, and puts out more heat.

Tip: Pellets are a widely available fuel source that can generally be separated into two categories: heating and cooking. Cooking or BBQ pellets are typically created from 100% hardwood sawdust, while heating pellets are made from softer woods that contain chemical additives. If you’re planning on roasting delicious mallows over your Mesa, use our premium wood fuel pellets or cooking pellets.

Whether you choose wood or pellets, you’re going to have a good time! In summary: Mesa brings warmth to the table, no matter how you slice it. Warm memories, toasty flames, and gooey s’mores. We hope you have fun!

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