Meet The Pi Collection

Aug 31, 2022

Solo Stove Pi is the pizza oven for everyone. Whether you’re the parent with several little mouths to feed in a hurry, or a Neapolitan connoisseur who has a few days to dedicate to a dough recipe, Pi is the key to your creation.

Every great hero has their sidekick(s). The journey to becoming a backyard artisan doesn’t end with Pi alone. The Solo Stove Pi Collection celebrates those in pursuit of the perfect pizza. See how you can elevate your experience with the help of Pi’s custom accessories:

Stainless Peel

Constructed from 304 stainless steel and durable thermoplastic, Stainless Steel Pizza Peel is built to last as long as your Solo Stove Pi. Pull fully-cooked pizzas from the heat with guaranteed safety and structure.

Bamboo Peel

Essential for launching raw pizza. Bamboo absorbs excess moisture in dough to prevent sticking, so combined with the semolina or flour, your pizza can just slide right off and into the oven. 

Stainless Steel Pizza Turner

Highly specialized for rapid movements, Stainless Steel Pizza Turner is lightweight and compact. Perfect your lift-and-spin technique with the extended comfort-grip handle and rounded paddle. Stainless Steel Pizza Turner keeps the heat at arm’s length and makes an even, golden crust possible with chef-inspired technique.

Pizza Cutter

Slice with a secure grip and complete control. Pizza Cutter’s precision centered blade and handguard work for you so every effort is spent on enjoying the moment. Breeze through crust and toppings with ease instead of clumsily rocking a knife back and forth. 

Silicone Pi Mat

Pi Mat’s complete coverage converts the top of Pi into holding space for tools and accessories. Keep spatulas, stokers, and more close at hand without scuffing and scraping Pi’s polished surface.

Pi Shelter

Pi belongs in an outdoor kitchen– with this, you may be concerned about its preservation. Have no fear– Pi Shelter exists to keep Pi around for generations of pizza-making traditions. The weather-resistant PVC-lined cover protects your oven from all-season debris so your good moments can hold on for a brighter day. Extra pockets and velcro attachments for each fuel assembly give Pi Shelter the perfect fit.

Infrared Thermometer

Point, press, and read with precision. This tool is critical for ensuring your pizza stone is ready for baking at a steady 650° F.

Pi Stand: Coming Soon

Give Pi a place to call home. Made to sustain Pi’s temperatures, Pi Stand will be your trusty partner in baking pizzas for hours on end. Made for convenience, Pi stand includes caster wheels, and three included shelves made to place tools or pizza ingredients while Pi is fired up. Coming Soon to