Meet Pi Supply: The Artisan’s Toolkit

Sep 15, 2022
By Carolyn Owen

Solo Stove Pi was invented so anyone could become a backyard pizza artisan. Now, the ingredients to make the flavors of your dreams a reality have arrived. For the first time in at-home pizza history, you can have the most essential pizzeria-quality ingredients delivered straight to your door, so you’ll be able to fire up pizza night, any night, with ease. Keep reading to learn more about our Neapolitan Dough and Artisan Pizza Kit, curated to bring authentic Italian traditions to your home.

Artisan Quality Meets Convenience

The last time your in-laws from New York called, they announced they’d be making a surprise appearance in just a few days. You really wanted to wow these habitual pizza eaters with an authentic Neapolitan pizza recipe, and spent a day or two hunting down specialty ingredients from various grocery stores. And let’s not forget the hours you spent mixing, kneading, and proofing– just for them to show up a day earlier than expected, while your dough was still rising.

“We got an earlier flight!”


Let’s face it, sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions– but it doesn’t have to get in the way of the best ingredients that are ready to enjoy as soon as the moment strikes. Now, the artisan quality pizza you can typically only find in pizzerias can be made right in your own pizza oven.

With our Neapolitan dough, you can enjoy Italy’s classic flavors in just a few hours. Supplied by Patty’s Pizza, this dough is made with a nearly impossible-to-find ingredient– fresh yeast. Perfectly portioned and balled to bake 12-inch pizzas, this flash-frozen dough is made with zero preservatives, fresh yeast, and the gold-standard Caputo 00 Pizzeria flour, so you can always rely on having the best quality dough on hand. You can keep the dough in your freezer for up to four months at a time, but we doubt you’ll be able to resist it for that long. Simply thaw it out in your refrigerator, and leave it to proof on the countertop for a minimum of 1 hour and up to 6 hours. In no time, you’re ready to stretch your dough and top your pie with perfectly paired Neapolitan ingredients.

In the Neapolitan Artisan (Pi)zza Kit, you’ll find pre-portioned pizza sauce, pepperoni, and whole-milk mozzarella, ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice. Each of these ingredients is traditionally only sold to non-chain pizza restaurants, meaning you’d normally have to go out to dinner to be able to enjoy any of them. Today, they’re available for the at-home pizzaiolo to serve and savor. Pull your ingredients from the freezer as you need them, thaw, and make your perfect pie. Now that the guesswork is over, you’ll be able to make your signature pizza over and over as long as you have ingredients on hand. Not only does this help you avoid spoilage of unused thawed ingredients, but also helps you maximize the number of pizza nights and memories you can create from one box.

Toppings Inspired By Tradition

Neapolitan pizza requires a specific recipe, brought to life by the traditions of Italian gastronomy. Every pizzaiolo knows that the most delectable pies are made with the freshest ingredients. Solo Stove’s premium quality meets the culinary world with the Neapolitan Artisan (Pi)zza Kit, you can trust that centuries of heritage are honored with every bite. Learn about how these flavorful traditions have been upheld by our topping suppliers: Carmelina’s, Losurdo’s, and Ezzo’s:


We chose Carmelina’s because of its mission “to source and manufacture clean, quality ingredients using traditional artisan, fresh-pack preserving methods that have been in place for generations.” Carmelina’s PIZZAMARINARA sauce is made from authentic Italian San Marzano tomatoes, specially grown in soil enriched by Mount Vesuvius’ volcanic ash and Mediterranean air. This sauce doesn’t have to stop at just pizza– made with olive oil, herbs, and spices, Carmelina’s sauce goes great with just about anything. From a savory pie made with top-shelf ingredients to a yummy pizza dip for the mozzarella sticks on the side, this sauce is an artisan-crafted recipe made to bring the flavors of Italy to any home.


We knew Losurdo’s would be a perfect addition to the Neapolitan Artisan (Pi)zza kit because of their dedication to upholding authentic Italian traditions. Losurdo’s was founded over 60 years ago and has mastered authentic Italian taste. Crafted from 100% whole cow’s milk from upstate New York, you’ll get a delicate, smooth, and creamy mozzarella ball made to melt perfectly over your pizza. The moment you sink your teeth into that pillowy crust topped with gooey cheese, you’ll taste why we wanted Losurdo’s on our team.


Family. Honesty. Quality. Tradition. These are the four core values Dominic Ezzo founded his company on in 1978. With the mantra, “Together, everyone achieves more,” they were able to become a full team dedicated to curating the perfect pepperoni stick by 2001. Fast forward to today, and that savory taste still rings true. With no fillers and a 14-day drying process, Ezzo’s close attention to process and quality flowed right into our ecosystem of products. So when you finally craft that pie with just the right amount of cheese blanketed over a savory sauce and topped with Ezzo pepperoni sliced to perfection, you’ll immediately taste an authentic Italian flavor made from only the freshest meats and whole seasonings.