Introducing Tower: The Cure for Cabin Fever

Oct 17, 2022
By Kelsey Lawrence

Nothing stops good times outside faster than the unexpected icy chill of late Fall. When those wintery gusts arrive, it's easy to ditch the outdoors in exchange for more toasty, insulated comforts. But, day after day, staying inside can get a little stuffy, stale, and boring, especially after binge-watching all that you could watch and playing every board game in the house twice. Weeks of stagnation can make you loathe the cabin fever months ahead while waiting for the joys of Spring and grilling season.

But you don't have to wait for "better" weather to enjoy the outdoors. 

If you're anything like the Solo Stove team, you crave moments outside, even when temperatures drop. Now you can enjoy your outdoor spaces all year round with Tower, our first-ever pellet-fueled patio heater.

The Colder, The Better

You'll enjoy the comfort Tower brings whether you're sipping your morning coffee on a cool fall morning or grilling in the middle of winter. Fueled by wood pellets, Tower boasts an incredible 72,000 BTUs—more heat than natural gas, propane, or electric heaters (which typically offer 40,000 to 50,000 BTUs). Best of all, pellets not only last longer and burn hotter but offer the same familiar campfire smell and cozy ambiance.

Less Hassle, More Heat

A gravity-fed hopper consistently feeds pellets into the firebox for uninterrupted warmth. A full hopper promises up to a  3-hour burn time before a refill is needed. Don't worry about wasting pellets if you decide to call it a night early. The pellet shut-off handle makes it possible to stop the burn simply and quickly; just remember to let the remaining pellets burn out before heading inside.

Spread The Love

You'll feel comfortable inviting your friends and family over, knowing you won't be huddling together to stay warm. The heat from Tower can be felt up to a 10-foot radius so that you and your guests can move around without catching a chill. 

Convenience is Key

Want to change Tower's location for each gathering? It's designed with utility and convenience in mind. Easy-to-use wheels on Tower's base make warming any outdoor space convenient, no matter the occasion. Make sure you move Tower to the desired area before lighting or after it is completely cooled down.

Setup and cleanup should be quick so more of your time can be spent enjoying good company and fresh air. An easy-to-remove pan on the bottom of the heater collects the ash, making it easy for you to clean so your heater is ready to use next time. 

Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience

While Tower can stand alone, it complements the other Solo Stove items you may already have. 

1) If you're hosting friends or family, any Solo Stove fire pit will set the ambiance and provide a central gathering place while Tower warms the larger area. 

2) Light up Tower to make your outdoor space comfortable while the pizza enthusiast of the family makes wood-fired (Pi)es for the party. 

3) On a more casual night outside, light your Mesa to set the mood for a friendly (or not-so-friendly) game of Gin Rummy. Tower can bring the heat as the sun sets. 

Your Solo Stove Tower Patio Heater Questions, Answered

How easy is it to assemble Tower Patio Heater?

Many of Tower's larger components are preassembled and can be secured to each other with a few screws. Some smaller parts, for example, the ash pan, handle, or shaker plate, simply slide into place. With a bit of help, you can completely assemble Tower in less than 20 minutes. 

What is Tower made of? 

The curved side pieces of Tower are made of 304 stainless steel, while the powder-coated materials are made of cold-rolled steel.

How long will it burn on a single hopper full of pellets?

Once the pellets reach the very top of the hopper, you can expect an approximate 3-hour burn time.

What is the BTU output?

British Thermal Units, or BTUs, measure how much heat the outdoor patio heater can produce. The higher the BTUs, the hotter your heater will burn.

You can expect Tower to put out approximately 72,000 BTUs.

What is the external temperature of the unit when at full heat?

Hot. Very hot. The unit's temperature can reach 250C or higher in some areas. As recommended with any stand-alone heating source, it should not be left unattended and should be kept away from children and pets.

What is the heat radius? 

Tower produces heat that can be felt up to a 10-foot radius. However, weather conditions (like the wind, for example) will ultimately determine how much heat you will feel. 

Is there a difference when burning softwood pellets vs. hardwood pellets?

There is not much difference, but softwoods tend to burn slightly hotter and more quickly. 

Does it smoke?

Yes, every time you start up your pellet-fueled patio heater, you'll notice some smoke exiting the chimney for the first 10-15 minutes. Once Tower reaches optimal temperatures, there will be minimal smoke.

Does it put off a wood-burning smell?

You'll notice a little bit of a wood-burning smell, which is part of its charm. We want you to be reminded of the great outdoors–even in your backyard.

Stay Cozy All Year Long