How to Light Your Pellet-Fueled Patio Heater, Tower

Oct 17, 2022
By Kelsey Lawrence
There's nothing quite like time outside. We love it. It's why we're always looking for new ways to make it even better. 

It's all about giving you and yours more time with the natural sights, smells, and sensations of the outdoors. Tower Patio Heater gives you more time by warming a larger area for much longer, allowing you and your guests to linger outdoors more comfortably.

Read on, or watch the video, to learn how to light and enjoy your new Tower Patio Heater season after season.

Grab the items below:

- Tower

- Fire starters (or fire starter gel)

- Pellets (full hopper holds 25 lbs.)

- Long-reach lighter

Light 'er Up!

1 ) Fill the hopper with pellets. You can use any pellets intended for a firepit or barbecue grill, but we recommend Solo Stove pellets, a premium hardwood blend that will create the most efficient burn. The hopper will hold about 25 lbs of pellets, which should last up to three hours.

2) Next, fill the burn chamber with pellets by pulling the shut-off handle upward. Lock the handle in the upward position and close the hopper lid. 

3) Then, open the front door of the patio heater and add a fire starter, or a tablespoon of fire starter gel, to the top of the pellets and light it. 

4) Close the front door, and within 5-10 minutes, you'll notice your pellets take to the flame. While you wait for the pellets to ignite fully, you may see smoke coming from the chimney. The amount of smoke you see will subside once your heater is fully up and running. 

5) Make sure the front door remains closed while the heater is in use! If it's left open, the pellets could burn out. 

Note: You may notice an odor, a high-heat patina, and smoke during your first burn. All of this is normal and only expected during your first burn. As your patio heater reaches maximum temperature, it will burn off any manufacturing residue and cure the paint coating. You can expect the patio heater's surface to smoke and the paint to turn from black to dark gray. After about 30 minutes, a unique high-heat patina will appear on the stainless steel, turning it to a dull yellow and bright blue.

When You're Ready to Call It a Night

1) Wearing heat-resistant gloves, lift the hopper lid and push the shut-off handle down to cut off the gravitational flow of the pellets. It will take up to 15 minutes for the remaining pellets in the firebox to burn out. 

2) The patio heater must be completely cool to the touch before moving or covering it with Solo Stove Patio Heater Shelter.

3) When storing Tower, be sure it's not hanging out in any standing water.

4) If you plan to store pellets inside the hopper for your next burn, ensure they stay dry. Wet pellets can swell and jamb up the hopper.

Prepping Tower for the Next Burn

1) Reach into the pellet chute to make sure the trap door moves freely. The trap door keeps pellets flowing to feed the flame with little maintenance on your part. 

2) Open the front door and take out the firebox by lifting the front and pulling it toward you. Brush any ash and debris from your previous burn onto the ash grate. 

3) Next, gently jiggle the shaker handle back and forth to ensure it's free of ash and debris. 

4) Reinstall the firebox and ensure all the pins align with their corresponding holes. 

5) Remove the ash pan and empty it. Always make sure the ashes are cool before disposing of them. We recommend burying them or pouring them into a tightly covered metal container and pouring water over them to ensure they're completely extinguished. Never empty your ashes into a trash can. Store the container at least 10 feet away from your home and all other structures. Also, keep in mind that your area may have specific guidelines for how to dispose of ash and fire debris. 

6) Make sure the ash pan area is clean, then reinstall it. 

We know Tower will be the perfect addition to your outdoor gathering space, helping you keep the party going longer–even when the temps drop. 

Show us how you're using Tower in your backyard. We'd love to see it! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok to show us your #SoloStove space. 

Enjoy Your Modern Outdoor Experience