How To Get a Mosquito Free Backyard

Aug 30, 2022
By Carolyn Owen

Picture this. It’s a cool night, and your backyard looks like an oasis after a long day at work. You grab a drink, light your fire pit, and settle into your Adirondack chair.

Just as you're unwinding to the sound of your favorite tunes, you feel a hot sting on your ankle. Your eyes dart down, and without a second thought, your hand smacks a pesky mosquito that found its way to your skin. Shouldn’t you be able to enjoy the outdoors without unwanted bloodsuckers bringing you down? 

We can help. Read on to get your fireside pest woes under control as we guide you through creating a mosquito-free environment.

Tools made to Repel

Solo Stove Fire Pit

Fire and smoke naturally repel pesky bugs of all types. With Solo Stove, you may only get a 10-15 minute reprieve from mosquitos while your fire pit reaches optimal temperatures for a smokeless fire. Now, you've got the joy of a smokeless fire! But the mosquitos are back. No worries! We've got even more ideas to keep your night bug-free.

Solo Stove Mesa Torch

Torch is as durable as it is stylish, with a water-resistant, cold-rolled steel construction. To top it all off, it features a one-of-a-kind bezel and wick for an exceptionally large, citronella-fueled flame that rises to every occasion. It keeps the party going for hours on end while keeping the bugs at bay

Repellant Firewoods

Certain firewood can act as natural repellents for mosquitoes. Check them out:


We’re pretty partial to this one. Our Juniper Aromatic Firewood smells lovely but stinks to high heaven to mosquitoes. Juniper’s crackles and pops will undoubtedly add to the warm, grounding ambiance a tranquil night in your backyard will bring.


As the natural-born champ of the insect-repellent world, Eucalyptus contains “eucalyptol”, the active ingredient that sends mosquitoes flying. This hardwood burns extra hot, ready to ward off pests next time you start a fire.


Hailing from the American Southwest, Piñon firewood is an aromatic vanquisher of mosquitoes. A favorite among firewood users, you can use Piñon to go on a fragrant journey west while ensuring no uninvited-flying-bloodsucking-beasts come along.

Repellant Herbs

You can add these certain insect-repelling herbs to any fire to keep mosquitoes at bay:


Citronella isn’t just found in bug sprays, candles, or Mesa Torch Fuel, it’s a real herb you can buy or grow yourself to add to your fire. Its strong smell wards off mosquitoes, letting you enjoy your night bite-free.


Even though mint creates a smell that is quite a bit more pleasant than its citronella counterpart, mosquitoes hate it. Toss some in your fire to amp up the aesthetics and your bug-free backyard bubble.


We all know and love this purple plant for its calming qualities. Fortunately, it riles mosquitoes right up, and they fly out of dodge as soon as possible when added to a fire.

Plants on fire pro-tip: Bundle any of these together, or add other herbs to create the perfect mosquito-repelling scent.

Backyard Additions

Don’t stop with the fire pit; add these things to your backyard to make sure you’re checking every box on a mosquito’s bad list:

Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are the most commonly used mosquito removal tool, and you can pick one up at just about any store with an outdoor aisle. Put these on the outer corners of your space to keep bloodsucking bugs from ever entering in the first place.

Increased Airflow

It’s time to haul that almost industrial-sized fan out of the garage. Use ceiling fans, revolving fans, or personal fans to increase airflow, making it difficult for mosquitoes to fly in the breeze. 

Herb Gardens

Planting any of the herbs from the previous section in your backyard can help ward off mosquitoes around the clock. Not to mention, they look great!