Hot New Additions to The Fire Pit Cooking System

Aug 30, 2022

Your fires are for more than s’mores and stunning sights. Centered around sharing good moments with the ones who matter most, your fire sparks the pursuit of lifelong joy. We can’t think of a better way to share the joy than with a hot meal. 

Earlier this year, we were happy to introduce the Fire Pit Cooking System, fulfilling a long-awaited request from our community for a way to complete their backyard and campsite kitchens alike. Today, we’re even more excited to finally amp up the heat on the cooking system with a new line of custom accessories.

From the chuck wagons of the wild west to the modern-day campsite, campfire cooking adds just the right amount of spice to a night under the stars. Read on to get acquainted with the hot new additions that bring the old frontier to you:

Cast Iron Griddle

If you’ve been looking for a reason to get your morning started with a fire, now you’ve got one. Forget your indoor electric stove, the Cast Iron Griddle is your new go-to for making crispy bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Tend your fire into the afternoon, and sear ahi tuna, beef fajitas, grilled cheese sandwiches… the list goes on and on. Once you’re done cooking, the flat Griddle surface makes an excellent serving plate. Just make sure you’re being careful. Cast Iron retains heat better than any other cooking surface.

Cast Iron Griddle docks into the Hub and features the same three feet and two handles as the rest of the Cast Iron line. Its durable, round design lends itself to traveling well with your fire pit, in case you’re looking for a griddle to add to your campsite kitchen.

Cast Iron Wok

Cowboy cooking lends itself to using as few dishes as possible. With the Cast Iron Wok, anything is possible. Whether you’re stir-frying, baking, boiling or sauteing, you can do it all in the Wok. One-pot recipes have finally met their open-fire match.

Like its cast iron counterparts, Cast Iron Wok docks into the Hub and features the same three feet and two handles. Its bowl shape lets it stand apart from the Cast Iron Grill and Griddle, so your recipes can be as creative as they are tasty.

Pairs Well With…

Kick your Fire Pit Cooking system up a notch with accessories designed for every outdoor chef’s success:

IR Thermometer

Maintaining the flame doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Achieve the perfect sear or find safe handling temperatures with an accurate infrared temperature reading. Simply point, press, and read. 

Carry Case

Give your cast iron cooking surface a home with a custom Carry Case. It’s your cast iron’s right hand, with all-purpose support being the safest storage til your next cookout.

Mat & Grips

Grips let you take hold of your Cast Iron Cooking Surfaces, so you can easily carry them to and from the dinner table. With Mat protecting your outdoor surfaces, you can enjoy a hot meal served straight from the cast iron itself. Mat is designed for use with Solo Stove cast iron cooking surfaces, and is not intended for use with other Solo Stove products.

Ready to add to your cooking collection? Shop Fire Pit Cooking System below: