Impromptu Front Yard Gatherings: Quick, Easy, & Just as Memorable

Oct 5, 2022
By Breaune Crouch + Kelsey Frey

Backyard parties are the norm, but the front yard lends itself to a new way of connecting—and reconnecting. The lack of fences means fewer barriers between you and your neighbors. It invites anyone to walk by, walk up, and interact. We’ve spent so much time disconnected over the past few years; this Fall, it’s time to reengage with old neighbors and meet new ones around a smokeless flame. 

The Best Part About a Driveway or Front Yard Setup

The lack of planning makes it the perfect place to have a “happy hour”, of sorts, with the community around you. It only takes a few simple things to intentionally, or unintentionally, start an impromptu get-together: 

Fire Pit





A spirit for chatting


Then, sit back and watch as the smell of burning wood attracts the attention of those passing by. Before you know it, the warmth from the flickering flames becomes the backdrop to a simple evening filled with light talk and laughter. 

Picture This: The Ease of a Spontaneous Front Yard Get-Together

Instead of tossing an acknowledging hand at your neighbor before ducking into the house, you stop to say, “Hey, neighbor. Long time, no see.” What starts as the usual pleasantries, turns into talk about an upcoming cabin trip. The thought of searing wild-caught game over an open fire shifts the conversation toward prepping your smokeless fire pit and cast iron griddle for the trip. 

Words don't do the description justice. "Hold on, let me go get it.”

Dustin Hanzalik

Moments later you return with the fire pit, some kindling, a few fire starters, and wood. The kindling and starters catch with ease and the smell of burning wood fills the air. The growing flames and smokeless display invite those passing by a little closer. 

People trickle in and out during the next hour while some only mingle for a few minutes before heading home. Others linger, chat and reminisce. 

You can’t remember the last time you felt so--present.

Ryan Kost

There was no panic about the weather. Fancy hard cheeses, spiced nuts, and artisan jams weren’t laid out on charcuterie boards. Figuring out who could or couldn't come over at the last minute never crossed your mind. 

Moments like this remind us that gathering together doesn't need to be complex, or planned, in order to be memorable. All you need is a couple of hours and a fire pit to bring people together.

Pro-Tips From the Solo Stove Team

Every space is as unique as the people gathering in them. Here are a few things to consider, or remember as you open up your front yard to visitors.

1) Place your fire pit on the grass with Stand if your driveway is too steep for a fire. 

2) If you want a little ambiance for a smaller gathering on the front porch (if you don’t have a driveway or front yard), grab a Mesa. This tabletop fire pit shines when there’s a need for warmth in small places. 

3) Delight trick-or-treaters with a colorful show! We can hear the ooh’s and ah’s now, as they watch the color packs change the fire pit’s flames from red to green, blue and more.

4) Want to sit and chat a while before lighting your fire pit? Grab your Lid and set it on top of the fire pit. It’s the perfect place to set drinks and snacks. 

5) After the fire dies down and guests go home for the night, using a Lid can prevent stray sparks from flying out of your fire pit, while it cools.

Invite Fun to Your Front Yard