Solo Stove Fire Pit Accessory Guide

Aug 30, 2022
Solo Stove Fire Pit Accessory Guide

Kick your fireside experience up a notch with a few of these essential accessories.


Stand gives you the power to use your fire pit on most heat-sensitive surfaces. Use Stand to enjoy your fire pit on your wood or composite deck, grass, uneven sand, and other turfs. While Stand will generally stay cool during your burns, it doesn’t hurt to place it on top of stone or brick pavers if you’re planning on burning your fire pit on a deck for longer than a handful of hours.

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The perfect tool for peace of mind. Shield defends & protects your outdoor spaces from a crackling fire’s pops and sparks. Crafted with a two-piece design, you can remove the top of Shield to add logs to your fire as the night goes on.

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Enjoy your precious moments worry-free with Solo Stove Surround, a revolutionary 360° protective barrier designed to keep wandering hands and wagging tails safe. We understand the importance of creating good moments around the fire, and with Surround, you can have peace of mind knowing that everyone can safely enjoy the experience.

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Surround Surface

Elevate your Surround with the Surround Surface. This heavy-duty hard cover protects your Solo Stove from the elements and instantly transforms it into a stylish tabletop surface for drinks and snacks. With Surround Surface, you can enjoy your Solo Stove year-round, with or without a fire.

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Pellet Adapter

Take your fire pit to the next level with the Solo Stove Pellet Adapter, designed to optimize your outdoor experience by adding dual-fuel capability. Now you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a pellet-fueled burn, transforming your fire pit into the ultimate outdoor centerpiece.

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Solo Stove Handle makes moving your fire pit quick and easy. Enjoy a smooth carry from backyard to backcountry and anywhere in between. Just dip, lift, and go. It’s that seamless.

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Shelter isn’t just for looks– it’s weather resilient, keeping elements where they belong: outside your fire pit. Made of PVC-coated polyester, Shelter’s polished look completes your outdoor spaces while protecting your best moments.

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Heat Deflector

Heat Deflector magnifies your fire pit’s heat radius to make room for extra company or outdoor comfort in every season. As hot air rises and scatters, Heat Deflector captures and redirects the warmth to where you need it most.

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Lid was designed with gathering in mind, making your fire pit even more of a centerpiece. Use Lid as a tabletop or as a temporary cover to keep out rain and dust when your fire is completely out and your fire pit is cool to the touch.
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Station is the perfect storage solution for your fire pit, firewood, and accessories. Station can stand up to the real world and all life throws at it, not only storing your fire pit, but protecting it from all-season debris with a PVC-coated polyester cover.

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Say goodbye to wire hangers and hello to your new favorite part of fire pit nights. Made with durable 304 stainless steel, Sticks are dual-pronged and twist apart at the middle to make storing in the included case easy *and* fit inside your dishwasher a breeze.

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Fire Pit Tools

Fuel your flames from the comfort of your seat with Fire Pit Tools. Log Grabber’s extra-long handle is perfect for refueling from a safe distance. With Poker, you can reposition your fuel with ease.
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Fire Pit Cooking System

Upgrade your nights around the fire with flame-kissed fare. The Fire Pit Cooking System is made up of Hub + your choice of three different Cast Iron Cooktops– Grill, Griddle, and Wok. Learn more about Fire Pit Cooking System here.

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