Baking Your First Pizza: Top 5 Pi Tips

Aug 30, 2022
By Carolyn Owen

Before you can become a backyard artisan, you need to take the first step of your pizza journey: master using the pizza oven for everyone. Read on to make sure you know the top 5 tips for using Pi for the first time:

You can’t go wrong using our New York Pizza Dough recipe for your first pizza night. This recipe is fast and easy to make, and it’s delicious. What more could you ask for? You can see the whole recipe here, but keep reading for some key considerations you knead to dough… get it? Need… to know? Okay. Let’s get into it:

Tip 1: Rise to the Dough-ccasion

  • Whisk all dry ingredients together so they’re evenly distributed throughout your flour when you start mixing in your warm water and oil.
  • When you’re ready to knead, get your surface ready with plenty of flour to make the process as smooth as possible. Knead for about 5 to 10 minutes, then let your dough ball proof in an airtight container before separating it into smaller portions.
  • Add a pinch of flour to your Bamboo Peel (make sure there’s enough flour… don’t be afraid to pinch with passion), and flatten out your dough as much as you can to ensure an even bake. Don’t be afraid to use a rolling pin in this process, just make sure your dough is even from edge to edge.

Tip 2: Get Your Pizza in Tip-Top(ping) Shape

  • Top to delight your palette with anything from pepperoni to pineapple, or anchovies to olives. Check out topping combinations brought to you by the Solo Stove Team here.
  • Make sure you don’t over-top your pizza. Making a mountain out of your pizza might cause it to bake unevenly. Instead, spread different toppings evenly over the span of the whole pizza to create different flavor combinations throughout.

Tip 3: Get Ready To Launch

  • Before using your Bamboo Peel to launch your pizza into Pi, give it a shake and make sure your dough does a little dance. Your dough should be able to shimmy its way off the peel and into the oven at launch. If this isn’t happening, add more flour underneath your uncooked pizza and try again.
  • Use an Infrared Thermometer to make sure your Pi’s cordierite stones are hot enough before you start baking. Don’t launch your pizza until the stones are 650° F minimum. 700° F and above are optimal pizza baking temps.

Tip 4: Bake Your Claim

  • After you initially launch your pizza, make sure you let it sit on the stone for at least 20 seconds before you begin to turn it.
  • The back of the oven will be the hottest. The part of the pizza that is facing the back will cook fastest, so make sure you’re turning your pizza a full 360° for an even bake. Using the Stainless Turner, turn your pizza a quarter section at a time every 15-20 seconds to yield the most evenly baked results, from crust to toppings.

Tip 5: Retrieve And Enjoy

  • Use the Stainless Steel Peel to retrieve your pizza from the oven. After a quick scoop under the entire length of the crust, place your pizza back onto the Bamboo Peel, or onto a cutting board for slicing.
  • Let your pizza breathe for a minute, then slice and enjoy!

Finito! You’re done! Have a homespun pizza creation to share? Don’t be shy! Submit your photo to our Monthly Photo Contest here. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!