6 Self-Care Ideas With Solo Stove Mesa

Sep 28, 2022
By Breaune Crouch + Kelsey Frey

As the saying goes, “you make time for the things you care about.” Which is undoubtedly easier said than done. But, you deserve a hiatus from the chaos of every day–even if it’s a small one. Break the “wash, rinse, repeat” routine with a little “me” time (or “we” time) around a fire.

Have 30 minutes or an hour or two? The Solo Stove Mesa’s size, fuel options, and portability make it easy to unplug and get outdoors. Grab a few starters, kiln-dried mini oak wood (or pellets), and your igniter of choice for a ridiculously quick and smokeless fire that won’t demand your full fire tending attention. 

We understand that allowing yourself to relax can be hard. Here’s an official permission slip from us to you:

“We noticed you haven’t taken time to touch green grass, breathe in fresh air, listen to cicadas sing, or lock eyes with a mesmerizing fire in a while.

Carve out a little time to reconnect around a tabletop fire. Mesa gives all the small-scale comforts of the outdoors without big, outdoorsy know-how.”

-The Solo Stove Team

Yoga or Meditation

It’s no surprise that stillness is good for the soul. Deep breathing while listening to a live crackling fire can make you feel more present. (skip the ASMR video called Cracking Fire during a Winter Storm, the real thing is MUCH better)

Outdoor Home Movies

Video clips tend to collect dust in the catacombs of your phone’s gallery app. Dig up the funniest moments of the year and premiere them during a personal outdoor movie night. You’ll be surprised by forgotten moments, and memories that made you say, “Aw.” 

Free Your Mind

Some thoughts can live in your mental space rent-free for days, or even weeks. One of the best ways to clear a cluttered mind is by bringing order to the chaos on paper. Writing it all out in a daily journal allows you to organize your thoughts and develop a plan of action later.


About an hour or two outside of a major city you’ll find the perfect spot to find constellations and shooting stars. This venture could be a solo strip, a family treat, or a friend’s gathering under the stars. However you choose to enjoy it, Mesa will keep you warm while adding a little mood lighting.

Mindless Painting

Starting an art project can be a little daunting, but we’ve got a little trick to get creativity flowing. Slowly paint the entire canvas one color. Don’t put too much thought into the process–just make a mess. While you’re doing this mindless task, your brain is sure to find other patterns, textures, and colors along the way. 


More S’mores

We wouldn’t be Solo Stove if we didn’t recommend a gooey, melty sweet that you’re allowed to set on fire during the cooking process. Prep a charcuterie board with tried and true ingredients like chocolates, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Then, throw in a few oddball items like sauteed jalapenos, pepper jelly, or candied bacon.

Regardless of the activity you choose, you’ll create a spontaneous evening filled with lasting memories. 

Bring Warmth to Your Next Self-Care Night