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Fire Pit Accessories

Meet Lids

Lid provides all-purpose utility to your fire pit. Contain leftover ash and embers as an overnight safeguard or convert your fire pit to a modern tabletop.

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Meet Shield

The perfect tool for peace of mind. Shield defends & protects your outdoor spaces from a crackling fire’s pops and sparks


Meet Heat Deflector

Our fire pits signature heat redirected for more fireside warmth. Heat Deflector magnifies your fire pits heat radius to make room for extra company or outdoor comfort in every season.

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Meet Shelter

The essential accessory designed to protect. Shelter isn’t just for looks– it’s weather resilient, keeping elements where they belong: outside your Yukon.

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Meet Stand

Stand gives you the power to use your fire pit on most heat sensitive surfaces. Use Stand to enjoy your fire pit on your deck, grass, and other turf.

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Meet Handle

The perfect carry. Move your fire pit from backyard to backcountry with one fluid motion for simple and seamless transitions.

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Perfect For Every Fire Pit

The perfect add-ons for every fire pit. Complete your fire pit experience with the essential accessories for the perfect burn.

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